Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Do your recordings lack that "something" that makes them sound professional?

Do they lack loudness, warmth or lack the shimmering details you hear on the radio? 

I can make your songs shine as they should.

Record here at Hilltop Studio or bring your recorded tracks to me for mixing and mastering.

I will record and/or mix and/or master your tracks to your specifications. Just shoot me your stems (instrument tracks) and your detailed notes and I will work with you to make your songs sound as you have envisioned them. 

Services, Rates and Examples


  • Rates can vary by project. 
  • Use the contact page to inquire about your project.
  • We can work with you and your budget; just give us a shout.

Basic Mixing:

  • 1 - 4 songs: $100 per song
  • 5 or more songs: $95 per song

In-Depth Mixing:

  • 1 -4 songs: $150.00 per song
  • 5 or more songs: $145 per song


  • 1 - 4 songs: $125.00 per song
  • 5 or more songs: $120.00 per song

Combo Deals:

  • Basic Mix & Master of 1 - 4 songs: $220 per song
  • Basic Mix & Master of 5 or more songs: $210 per song
  • In-Depth Mix & Master of 1 - 4 songs: $270 per song
  • In-Depth Mix & Master of 5 or more songs: $260 per song

Audio Restoration Services:

  • Remove/reduce hiss, rumble and background noise from recordings
  • Free listen and consultation
    • I will assess the audio to determine if the issues can be addressed free of charge
  • Base rate: $25 per track.
    • Prices can vary depending on work required to clean and repair the audio tracks. 
    • There are issues that cannot be resolved.

*Additional edits are $25.00/each.

**Repeat customer discounts available


    Here is a beautiful climate change song written and performed by Sarah Oakes Cannon. James played drums & percussion and mixed & mastered the final track for the video:

    Preview a variety of James' recordings on ReverbNation:

    Midnight Vigil - Eponimous album with James on Drums, as the Recording Engineer as well as Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

    Moving Lines from The Ulloo on Big Tusker Records. James MacDonald was the Drummer, a Producer and the Audio Engineer on this album which was mostly recorded at Hilltop Studio.