Freelance Drummer - Live or studio

James has 38 years of live performance experience and 28 years of studio experience.   
He is a native Texan and grew up in the Hill Country just outside of Austin and worked as a Freelance Drummer in and around Austin for several years.   

James was never out of work given Austin's vibrant music scene and held the drum chair for many local Austin artists and played with countless others including: Common Thread, Grace & the Glory Hounds, Cherylin Fielding, Interstellar Highrollers, Jon Harrison Taylor, Tony Campise... and many more. Desperate to escape the heat and the concrete; James and his wife moved to Vermont in 2003.

Now living in Central Vermont, James primarily works out of his home-based studio, Hilltop Drum StudioHe's also writing and recording with his band Midnight Vigil

Current services are:

  • Freelance Drumming: Live or Studio... Hilltop Drum Studio or yours.
  • Online Drum Tracks: Professional drum tracks to your specifications.

James would love to be a part of your musical project. Request a quote or just drop him a line using the Contact page.

Recommendations and reviews

"James is a pro, you wanna play with this dude!” - Jon Harrison Taylor, Creator and star of the digital dramedy series “Sweet: The Show”. Actor, writer, musician, and owner of Hey Pete Productions - Los Angeles, California.

 "Just finished another excellent rehearsal with James. For me, James has helped me get more comfortable behind the kit.  His approach is very calculated yet at a speed that works for me. I feel so fortunate to have found a teacher with the experience and knowledge to get me to that next level I’ve been trying to get to. His typical lessons for me are, warm-up, present a lesson or two, work on those lessons and he plays on one kit as I play on another. Feels like a very productive practice every week. I am so excited to see where I progress to in this next year.  Thanks so much James." - Gianni BadeauGB Construction, LLC/Student at Hilltop Drum Studio - Barre, VT.

"I always loved playing with James because his tone was always on point, he was dependable, super fun and groovy, and always positive!" - Paul Martinez, Guitarist for Common Thread - Austin, TX

"James, every time I have needed You, you have stepped up! Thank You for Your patience, kind heart and tremendous skills. You are a master at what You do and I am extremely grateful for having found You!!! Once again, James, Thank You. I would have really been at a loss without you. Until next time, keep on keeping on, Peter Scott. " - Peter Scott, Peter Scott's Competitive EdgeVermont

"I have worked with James as a drummer, and as an engineer for my sessions. He is very professional, skilled, and talented in all areas. He is a groove machine... Highly recommended!" - James KinneJames Kinne Music/Phineas Gage, New Boston/NewHampshire

"My experience recording with James was nothing but pleasurable, efficient and productive. His abilities in the studio to transfer ideas into action facilitated real creative freedom that is invaluable. I would highly recommend James for recording and engineering projects. His equipment is excellent and expertise using the tools of his trade very evident, the end result is well-crafted recordings. "  - Duffy Gardner, Lead Vocals, and Guitar for VOYAGER1, Vermont

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