Hilltop Studio Equipment

    Drum Equipment:

    Drum Kits:

    • Pearl Masters Studio: 9-piece kit in custom gold sparkle lacquer
      • 17x22 kick
      • 16x20 kick
      • 16x16 floor tom
      • 13x16 rack tom/snare (baritone snare)
      • 12x14 rack tom
      • 9x12 rack tom
      • 8x10 rack tom
      • Alternates:
        • 10x12 power rack tom (alternate to 9x12 rack tom)
        • 10x10 power rack tom (alternate to 8x10 rack tom)
    • Gretsch: custom 9-piece kit in custom black sparkle lacquer 
      • 18x22 kick 
      • 9x22 gong drum 
      • 16x18 kick/floor tom 
      • 16x16 floor tom 
      • 14x14 floor tom 
      • 10x13 rack tom 
      • 9x12 rack tom 
      • 8x10 rack tom 
      • 7x8 rack tom

    Snare Drums:

    • 6.5x14 Gretsch Brooklyn chrome over steel (GB-4164S)
    • 5x14 Gretsch hammered black steel (S1-0514-BSH) with Trick GS007 throw-off and DW 3-position butt plate
    • 7.3x14 custom-built with Pearl lugs, S-Hoops, DW Mag throw-off and DW 3-position butt plate
    • 5x14 Rogers Dynasonic retro-fitted with Trick GS007 throw-off and butt plate
    • 7x13 custom-built maple with Gretsch lugs, Trick GS007 throw-0ff and butt plate
    • 4x14 custom-built maple piccolo snare
    • 5.5x12 custom-built maple side snare
    • Various other snares

    Zildjian Cymbals:

    • 21" K Sweet Ride
    • 20" K Crash Ride
    • 20" K Custom Hybrid Ride
    • 19" K Sweet Crash
    • 19" K Custom China
    • 19" A Custom Crash
    • 18" K Custom Dark Crash
    • 18" A Custom Fast Crash
    • 18" A China Boy High
    • 18" A Custom EFX Crash
    • 16" K Custom Session Crash
    • 15" K Light Hi-Hats
    • 14" K Hi-Hats
    • 14" Oriental China
    • 10" A Splash
    • 8" K Splash 

     Sticks, Percussion, Heads, Hardware and Accessories:

    Studio Equipment:

    Mic Locker: 

    • Avantone Pro CV-12-BLA 
    • sE Electronics sE2200a II c
    • Warm Audio WA47JR (x2) 
    • Shure KSM137 matched pair
    • MXL V69M EDT
    • SHURE Beta 52a
    • Sennheiser e902
    • Earthworks Kickpad KP1
    • Electro-Voice ND44 (x3)
    • Electro-Voice ND46 (x2)
    • Shure SM57 (x6)
    • Shure Beta 58a (x2)
    • Shure Beta 57a (x2)
    • Shure SM58s
    • Shure SM58
    • Various other utility microphones


    • Custom-built PC: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X processor, 32Gb memory, 8Tb storage, Windows 10 Pro & all the bells & whistles to ensure a fast and solid recording environment.
    • Macbook Pro 15" (2011/Lion 10.7.5) - runs AudioGridder DSP server to host audio plugins to the DAW running on the AMD studio PC.

    Audio Interfaces and Preamps:


    DAW and flavorings:

    Video Equipment:



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