Drum Instruction

Do you want to learn to play drums?

Are you and experienced drummer looking to advance your skills?

I offer private drum lessons for all ages and abilities.

I give lessons in my drum studio in Barre, Vermont and in students homes in the Central to Northern Vermont regions.
I will travel up to 50 miles for in-home sessions at the rates listed below. Traveling further is negotiable.
Consultations via Skype are also available.

Here is a general list of drum study topics I can help you with:

  • Drum setup and configuration (ergonomics)
  • Drum tuning
  • Reading Music
  • Rudiments
  • Independence and Coordination
  • How to practice efficiently
  • Playing to a click
  • Stick Control
  • Dynamics
  • Musicality
  • Drum Fills
  • Drum Soloing
  • Performance (presentation)
  • Personalized audio and video instruction
    I will create video and audio recordings as needed to assist you in your learning.
  • Stretching, playing with injuries and physical complications
  • Musical Styles
    • Rock (classic rock, metal, prog rock)
    • Blues
    • Jazz
    • Fusion
    • Latin
    • Funk
    • R&B
  • Modern Musician skills:
    • Drum recording techniques
    • Home recording studio connectivity/setup
    • DAW (digital audio workstation) basics
    • How to collaborate online
    • Making the most out of online study resources

Professional Affiliations:

I am a member of the SEN (Sabian Education Network) and my studio is registered as a drum school with D'Addario (makers of Pro-Mark drumsticks and Evans drum heads). 

Rates and Policies


  • Drum Instruction at Hilltop Drum Studio: $50/hour. 1-hour minimum. 
  • In-home Drum Instruction: $60/hour. 1-hour minimum.
  • Skype consultation: $25/half-hour. Half-hour minimum.
  • Modern Musician Skills: $75/hour. 1-hour minimum.


  • Payments can be made by cash, check , Venmo or PayPal.

  • Payments are due at the time of your scheduled session.

Code of Conduct: 

  • I will treat you with respect and expect respect in return. 
  • I also expect you to treat yourself with respect. Don't let frustration get the best of you. 
  • Please be on time. 
  • Please put in the practice time and email me with questions between lessons (send me an email to schedule a phone call). 
  • Don't be afraid to fail. We can work through any drumming difficulties you encounter together. Every challenge is a base to build from. 
  • Any focused study of a performance art is a process and doesn't always come easy. We're in this together and we will advance your drumming skills.


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