Big Tusker Records

Big Tusker Records / Hilltop Recording Studio 
Songwriters, Musicians, Bands 

Do you want to have your music released for everyone in the world to enjoy? 

Record, mix, master and release your music to all the major online music outlets for one great price. 

Are you a songwriter or band who wants to record a demo of 1 or more songs or even a full album? 

Get your music professionally recorded, mixed and mastered at Hilltop Studio and have it released to all online platforms under Big Tusker Records. 

Your music could be available for streaming and/or purchase on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, YouTube music… and more. 

Use your recordings in your EPK (electronic press kit), for promotions and booking gigs. 

All of this at great package deals*: 

  • Record, Mix, Master and Release 1 song = $250.00 
  • $225 per song for 2 to 4 songs. 
  • 5 songs or more at $200/song. 
  • DDP image for CD replication = $25.00 

*Note: Artists retain all rights, profits and royalties of their music. Already have your music recorded and just need to have it mixed or mastered or just released? Then shoot me a note via the Contact page and lets talk.

Additional services available at Hilltop Recording Studio for non-label artists**: 

  • Mixing - Set levels, add equalization, compression and any desired effects to your recorded tracks. 
  • Mastering - Hi Fidelity audio expertly mastered to industry standard specifications. 
  • Audio Editing - Edit of audio (speech, music, broadcast) to adjust levels, remove sounds, ETC. 
  • Audio Restoration - Remove/reduce hiss, rumble and background noise from recordings. 

** Rates negotiable

Big Tusker artists include:

Midnight Vigil, The Ulloo, James MacDonald... you could be next to help us grow as we help you reach your audience.

Artists who have worked with Hilltop Studios:

James Kinne, Voyager1, Long Road Home, Mojo's Playground, GrooveSum, Peter Scott, David Heinemann ... and many more.